Palazzo de Piro

The Palazzo de Piro is a seventeenth-century palace located in the medieval city of Mdina. It was originally three separate houses built by Malta's most famous architect, Girolamo Cassar, or his son Vittorio. The palace belonged to the de Piro family, who moved out in the 1950s. The Palazzo de Piro then became St Dorothy's school, and in 2005 it was acquired by the Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter to create a cu ltural venue.

Gala Dinner

Palazzo de Piro

This year's Gala Dinner will take place in the Palazzo de Piro in the historic town of Mdina, once the former capital of Malta. Set in the heart of Mdina, the Palazzo de Piro is a private, high-end and totally unique setting that is the ideal choice of venue for receptions and banquets of any kind. It also boasts a Cafeteria/Bistro with a spectacular view.

The history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. According to tradition it was here that in 60 A.D. that the Apostle St. Paul is said to have lived after being shipwrecked on the Island. Furthermore, it is said that St. Paul resided inside the grotto know as Fuori le Mura (outside the city walls) now known as St. Paul's Grotto in Rabat. Lamp lit by night and referred to as "the silent city", Mdina is fascinating to visit for its timeless atmosphere as well as its cultural and religious treasures.

Mdina has had different names and titles depending on its rulers and its role, but its medieval name describe it best - ‘Citta' Notabile': the noble city.

It was home then, as now, to Malta's noble families; some are descendants of the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords, who made Mdina their home from the 12th century onwards. Impressive palaces line its narrow, shady streets.

Mdina is one of Europe's finest examples of an ancient walled city and it is extraordinary in its mix of medieval and baroque architecture.